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18th January

Diane Pernet

This is yesterday’s story, but I picked up the paper today. Huge uproar caused by a coat made from the 50 year old skin of a gorilla. It belongs to the fashion writer Diane Pernet, who is a vegetarian. There’s nothing wrong, she says, if the animal is already long dead. I’m more concerned by [...]

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17th January

Megan's necklace

Megan’s £800 necklace. Bling Bling…

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16th January

Car crash

Car crash this morning. My poor little Fiat lost it’s eye. I got shunted into the carpark of the Sexual Health clinic- first time for everything I suppose.

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15th January

Rockabilly commuter

Suspicious looking rockabilly on the tube

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14th Jan. My Accordion

My Mignon

My Mignon

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Monday 13th Jan

The man who got the job.

This is the man who got the job. Really can’t say any more….

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Sunday 12th Jan

Lady tache

on chaperone duty, so had to hang about for two hours. Type nerds would notice the really poor kerning on all the signs in Frankie & Bennys. MEA TBALLS… and the woman with the moustache in the next booth.

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11th Jan


She’s watching me… rumbled.

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10th jan


man asleep on the tube

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in the night garden

9th jan

late at night, from an upstairs window

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